Six people were killed in southeast Bakersfield Wednesday evening in what Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood described as a "mass shooting."

That includes five victims and a suspect, the sheriff said.

"This is highly unusual to have six people shot and dead in one incident," Youngblood said. Asked if this was a mass shooting, the sheriff said "absolutely."

Addressing the media around 8 p.m., Youngblood said the suspect went to a trucking business with his wife and confronted another male at the business, which is located on Manwell Boulevard behind Bear Mountain Sports.

The husband shot the man at the trucking company, and then turned and shot his wife. A third male who showed up at the scene was pursued and shot by the husband.

The husband then went to a residence near the corner of Breckenridge Road and Mesquite Lane where he confronted a man and a woman at a residence and shot them. Both died. He then carjacked a vehicle with a woman and child in it. The woman and child escaped. 

A deputy found him driving on Edison Highway. The suspect pulled into a lot and when the deputy confronted him, he shot himself in the chest. 

Deputies first responded to the incident at 5:20 p.m.

About 30 people witnessed the shootings and are being interviewed by deputies. Youngblood was not aware of anyone else who was shot beyond the people who died. 

Youngblood was peppered with questions about the identities and ages of the deceased, and how they might be connected or related. He said that would all need to be investigated by the many deputies and detectives already working on the case. 

People were sobbing in front of Bear Mountain Sports. Authorities were interviewing neighbors near the residence on Breckenridge.

Californian staffers Sam Morgen, Felix Adamo, Christine L. Peterson and Stacey Shepard contributed to this report. 

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