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There are many complexities to the art of coffee, and it can be enjoyed in a number of ways. One of the most popular is the pour over. 

The Umaga Café offers a variety of drinks on their menu, including the calamansi, which is similar to that of a lemonade. 

The mochi muffin is just one of the many items to choose from on the menu at Umaga Café. 

The ube latte will give you a boost in the afternoon with a jolt of espresso after just a few sips. 

The turon is filled with slices of banana and nutella, topped with ube ice cream and drizzle. 

The donut is a staple item for the Umaga Cafe, perfect for breakfast or an afternoon treat. 

As all Bakersfield locals have probably noticed by now, the city’s food scene has continued to evolve, especially over the last few years. Basque, Mexican, Mediterranean, American, Indian, and Italian cuisines are just a few of the cultures and food represented in Kern County. It also has its fair share of hip cafés to hang out with friends or get a cup of coffee. If you’re looking for something of the fine-dining sorts or just a casual spot for a Saturday morning, Bakersfield has you covered.