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If you’re looking for a new spot for lunch or dinner, stop by the Blue Table restaurant on Calloway Drive. Although it exudes more of a casual feel, with just a few tables indoors, the authentic Thai dishes are something out of a fine-dining experience with better prices than a typical sit-down spot. And, even if you order multiple dishes while dining, most of the plates are light and refreshing, so you won’t feel sickeningly full or sluggish after eating.

We suggest the potstickers, filled with chicken, flavorful and filling, covered in a Panang curry sauce, as a delightful appetizer. 

Remember when couples were ‘going steady’? Guys would give their best gals a letterman jacket after the big game. Then, they’d take them out for a night on the town, with a milkshake and a drive-in movie, like an episode of “Happy Days”?