On the morning of Jan. 25, 1999, I was sleeping peacefully when my husband excitedly called me to come to the front of our La Cresta home. In the 47 years I had lived in Bakersfield I had never seen anything close to the sight that met my eyes. Snow everywhere. The entire lawn, the street, up to the bumper on the car. It was beautiful. We rushed into our warmest clothes, grabbed umbrellas and headed for the bluffs, a few blocks away on Panorama Drive. The view of the snow covered oilfields and refineries was unbelievable. A couple of our neighbors were actually skiing down Panorama toward Manor St. 

  The next morning I was again awakened by my husband who yelled "come here, you're not going to believe this." There, on the front page of The Bakersfield Californian, was a picture of us trudging along in the snow with palm trees behind us and our little neighbor boy following.

  My husband, Bill Goff, a teacher, principal and assistant superintendent of Standard School District for over 32 years, dies in 2016, but every year when the Californian ran "our snow picture," we happily relived that magical day.

  Janet Goff

  728 Underwood Court

  Bakersfield, CA