When it comes to education, parents shouldn't be the only ones who want the best for students. All Kern County residents should care about our schools, whether children are in their future, their past or not at all. Children turn into adults who are either equipped for productive lives or aren't, and the ramifications of those outcomes are huge.

Quality education isn't just about curriculum. It's also about facilities, teacher-student ratio and programs.

The November ballot includes a Panama-Buena Vista Union School District bond that addresses those concerns. If passed, Measure H, a $90 million bond, will help fund the construction of three new schools, additional classroom buildings, assorted modernizations and safety upgrades.

Bakersfield residents who live within the PBVUSD boundaries — a large and growing section of the city generally south of the Kern River, east of Interstate 5, north of Taft Highway and west of South H Street — should vote Yes on Measure H.

The district has grown more than 20 percent in the past decade. Overcrowding has become apparent in classrooms, a problem that building additional schools would alleviate. With new schools, the teacher-to-student ratio would be reduced, allowing teachers to give more individualized attention to students, a vital factor in quality education.

Campus safety has always been an important issue, but it's a bigger concern today than ever. Measure H would also pay for the expansion or installation of new fencing, gates, locks, security lighting, alarms and video surveillance. 

This election isn't just for the adults; it's for kids too. Voters just need to be the ones to mark ballots on their behalf. The Californian urges voters to advance students' education and safety and voter yes on Measure H.