Teachers and other attendees gather in the foyer because there was no room left in the board room where Tuesday's BCSD board meeting was taking place.

Miss — The Bakersfield City School District board meeting was the place to be Tuesday night, but it seemed as though not all were welcome.

Hundreds of teachers and other supporters attended the meeting to voice their disapproval of the district’s offer of a 2 percent raise, summer school cuts and limiting public comment time.

When it was time to head inside the board room, there was no space available to sit. People were forced to stand in the lobby area, and some had to stand outside. At one point, the lights at the top of the stairs heading into the building were turned off. Talk about an "exclusive" event.

BETA President Steve Comstock said in the past the auditorium in the building would be opened up so people could sit there if the board room was filled. For some reason that didn’t happen Tuesday.

Tensions were high surrounding this meeting, but better actions could have been taken so all attendees could have a seat at the "table" to voice their concerns. Isn't that what these meetings are all about?

Hit — Get ready to hear the sweet sounds of electronic music, Bakersfield.

The Kern County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the Lightning in a Bottle music festival during Tuesday's meeting.

The five-day festival, which will be held May 8-13 at Buena Vista Lake, will feature 60 musicians and is expected to bring 20,000 attendees to Kern County. Festival promoter Do LaB will pay the county $225,000 to lease the park and pay for law enforcement officers to staff the event.

The vote was delayed because there were concerns over traffic and safety, but supervisors said they had been addressed.

The festival is expected to bring millions of dollars to the local economy, which is music to our ears. 

Now let's brush up on electronic music artists before they come into town.

Miss — Mesa Verde needs to clean up its act.

Multiple inadequacies at the Mesa Verde ICE Detention Facility were found by state agencies. The report found that during ICE’s most recent inspection of the facility in 2016, Mesa Verde was not in compliance with 12 of 16 standards set by the federal department.

Deficiencies were found in areas including food service, medical care, telephone access, and sexual abuse and assault prevention.

Mesa Verde houses around 400 detainees, many in the process of requesting asylum or in the midst of complex legal cases. They are going through some of the most difficult circumstances a person can go through, so one would expect the facility housing them would keep up and do what's expected of it.

Hit — There's a glowing light at the end of the tunnel for Bakersfield's Fox Theater clock tower. 

A GoFundMe campaign was launched in January to restore the neon lights and make fixes to the clock, and the fund's $6,000 goal has been reached.

Along with online donations, several downtown businesses set up collection cans to help.

California Neon will head the project and replace blown transformers and make electrical repairs on-site. A neon artist will be on call to repair or re-create neon glass.

This is the kind of community teamwork that makes Bakersfield shine bright.