Really? To the end, Cory Woodward betrays Kern County voters.

Woodward stained his oath as a Kern County judge by becoming involved with his married court clerk, engaging in sexual activity with her in his chambers, sending tawdry notes to her during court hearings, resisting efforts to reassign the woman to another courtroom, and misleading the court executive about their relationship.

Woodward was disciplined in 2014 by the state Commission on Judicial Performance as a result of his behavior.

Then in June, Woodward fought to retain his seat on the bench, coming in a close second to challenger Tiffany Organ-Bowles in the top-two primary election.

Now Woodward faces Organ-Bowles, a deputy district attorney, in the November general election.

But do you think it might have been important for Woodward to tell Kern County voters that while he was running for reelection, he was also looking for another job? Nope. It was only after “rumors began circulating” that he was quitting that we learn about the deception.

Woodward’s name will appear on the November ballot. Voting by mail already has begun. If Woodward wins the race — gets more votes than Organ-Bowles — and quits to take his possible job as an attorney in the California Office of Inspector General, voters will not fill the judicial seat. Rather, the governor will fill it by appointment. The job will not go automatically to the second place finisher.

Woodward has been working on getting the state job for months. He is in the final stages of the hiring process. But he just could not be honest with us.

But then, we’ve seen this before from him.

Kern County voters have been given a rare opportunity to elect a Superior Court judge. They can’t let Woodward’s backroom dealing deprive them of that choice.

Vote for Organ-Bowles. Don’t waste your vote on Woodward and allow the governor the opportunity to select his own judge.

Kern County voters selected Organ-Bowles once, albeit narrowly, in the June primary. No one but the voters should be able to make the final decision.