Reading a recent letter about our Kern County library (and many branches and bookmobiles), I agree about the funding from the Kern County Board of Supervisors ("Defending champs, but a sad title," March 9). I don't agree about the books.

Even in the smallest branch here in Kernville, I can order, for free, any book from our system in the San Joaquin Valley through other county libraries. That includes DVDs, CDs and reference books if needed (though it might take a week or little longer). If they don't carry it, it can be ordered, for a fee, from any other state's library system.

The Friends of the Kern County Library (there's ones for different branches) raises money to buy books and helps with different programs -- like the Summer Reading Program -- at their branches. How about joining and being a volunteer? If you love to read, help to pass that along.

There are programs to tutor children or adults that can use the help through schools, adult centers, prisons and youth authorities. I have helped save my small branch here over the years by way of petitions and other means. Help the library. Get involved. It's not just books there -- it's information that helps us all, and it's a good part of our history.

Donna M. Jackson