It seems that our patriotism becomes stronger when we are at war. That patriotism includes putting differences aside with a president while we are at war. Trump, who cannot get his base of support above 40 percent, seems to be actively pursuing that course. Last week he hired John Bolton to be his national security adviser.

The last time Bolton was in the limelight was when he helped President Bush create the second Iraq war. Bolton, Donald Rumsfeld, and Bush had Colin Powell give a speech at the United Nations, stating that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The three knew that this was a lie. The U.N. weapons inspectors had said as much. But no one listened to them. That lie led to a war in which more than 4,000 military personnel lost their lives and more than 10,000 were seriously injured. The war's cost was more than $2  trillion.

Along with many other countries, we are presently in a deal with Iran to curtail their nuclear development program. The other countries involved believe the deal is working, but Trump does not like the deal. And Bolton, until today on the political sidelines, has been speaking out and writing articles in support of a U.S. war in Iran. Now we have Trump and Bolton working together.

Now that the president has fulfilled his promise to make his friends “much richer,” will he create a war to make the industrial-military complex richer? It would be a war without regard for life, limb or cost to our country.

— Terry Beals, Bakersfield