I have not heard the word "Deplorables" since Hillary Clinton train wrecked her election bid in 2016. Don't think for a minute Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton; she destroyed herself. This is why California continues to lose business and citizens of all political, racial and income levels.

The Democratic state of California continues to overtax and overregulate. Intelligent business owners and taxpaying citizens are leaving California to enhance their spendable income. It is not only Texas that is seeing an influx of former Californians, it is also corporations looking for a more business-friendly climate.

The "deplorables," as they are being called, are also successful members of the Democratic Party who don't wish to be any less financially secure than they have to be. The governor of California is endorsing all sorts of handouts designed to obtain votes. These handouts are resulting in no one wishing to work or help support the local economy. We live in a city that was built around fossil fuels. Once the governor and the Democrats in Sacramento shut down the oil industry, you will see the rapid decline of Bakersfield's economy.

The high -speed rail and extreme cost of doing business in Kern County will ultimately impoverish the Central San Joaquin Valley. These facts are why us "deplorables" are leaving the Golden State for the remaining 49 states.

— David DePaola, Bakersfield