Regarding Robert Price's piece on Sunday, "Time for Kern County to reassess its fight with state over future of oil,": Robert, are you with us or with the governor and his foolish plan to destroy our Kern County jobs and economy?

Another question while we are at it. You recognize the truth of the arguments for our oil industry but you flippantly brush them off with "the ice caps are melting." So if we shut in all the petroleum production in Kern County, or even all of California, will it stop the ice caps from melting? No, it won't. Do your research, Robert. Fact is, that as long as the Chinese and other developing economies continue to grow with coal, every penny we spend in California on efforts to fight global warming is in vain.

If we do stupid things like shut down all our oil production at a time when the state of California already imports most of its oil, do you think that's going to turn out well?

The Germans shut down all their coal-fired power plants and now they are begging Russia to send them more natural gas this winter. Joe Biden is begging OPEC to increase oil production because the price of a gallon of gas has hit $5. Governor Newsom's attempt to kill California oil looks foolish and short-sighted. He has no plan. It won't end well. Someone has to stop him. Robert, are you going to fight for our jobs?

— Derrill Whitten, Bakersfield