I'm writing in response to the letter, "City Attorney of Liberty hiring practices." I read that the city attorney will be hiring an attorney from Fresno to defend the Tatyana Hargrove case.

Number one: What is the purpose of hiring a firm from Fresno? Number two: If Bakersfield city attorney can't handle the case, then it's time to replace them. Number three: Who is managing Bakersfield City Attorney's office?

By hiring out of Bakersfield they are strengthening Fresno's economy, as if we didn't need the money in the city. It's time out for wasteful fiscal spending. Now it's time to audit the City Attorney's office. Are they consistently hiring out of the city, when that money can be utilized right here in Bakersfield? Who is the watchdog for Bakersfield City Attorney's Office?

Before hiring a Fresno Attorney Firm, use your own attorney's first. This is not good fiscal thinking, especially in times where cities are trying to be fiscally fit. There should never be a time when Bakersfield City Attorney's office hires outside law firms.

Larcenia Taylor