Thursday morning it was with great interest I started reading the Opinion letter "Ban teaching of critical race theory," or CRT. In reading it I thought I would learn what CRT was and how it was being taught in our schools. Finishing the letter I knew no more about CRT than when I started except that the writer compared it to Marxism in some way.

With the repair, reconstruction and remodeling of my home I have let my reading of social media slide. I have four family members who are in education in several forms; two teach college classes, one teaches in high school, one is working on his master's degree, and one is a Ph.D. candidate and none have ever taught Critical Race Theory, Marxism, or Communism.

Is CRT a form of brainwashing? When school districts are given federal funds, do the funds come with a outline on how they will teach CRT to their students?

I would be very interested in the who, how, where and when history of CRT.

— Ronal Reynier, Bakersfield