I read your editorial in the June 6 Opinion section regarding “Win Big Bucks and Defeat COVID-19” and I am in agreement that the remaining unvaccinated, with the exception of religious and medical exceptions, is not only a head scratcher but offering a “bribe” or the chance of a financial windfall is just like selling yourself for potential profit.

Look, I get it, we need more folks to get vaccinated to achieve herd immunity. Do we need to pay an American to do so? What happened to doing what is best for the greater good of all? Memorial Day has just passed, a day set aside for us to honor the men and women who sacrificed their all for the greater good. Believe me, I will not cheapen their ultimate sacrifice to the folks who refuse to get their shots.

If bribery and potential rewards are the only way of people doing the right thing for everyone, that feels kind of sad and selfish. If you disagree, that is OK, remember, the veterans who gave their all, gave you that right!

— Raymond Kearney, Bakersfield