Now that the New York attorney general has filed a lawsuit against Former President Trump and family on charges of fraudulent finance , it is very clear that the liberal left is in deep fear of the popularity of our former president. So much so that they are breaking out every kind of roadblock maneuver they can create to dissuade voters in the upcoming election on which the timing of this "lawsuit" was carefully crafted to occur.

But one must consider these two elements of thinking in order to truly assess the effect of this legal maneuver. 1- President Trump has been in business for many years and he has employed top-notch financial representatives as well as the best and smartest legal minds to ensure that all his business dealings are within the letter of the law and meet the needed requirements. 2- In his four years as our president, the Democrats pulled a variety of illegal and highly questionable actions to try to destruct his presidency at the cost of honesty and deceitful maneuvers, which proved to be ineffective.