The NRA does not control the government, it supports the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms. Which means we the people have a right to protect ourselves from enemies foreign or domestic and that right shall not be infringed upon.

My heart goes out those victimized by weapons of any kind. As far as A-15s — single shot trigger-pull weapons, certainly not fully automatic — I have no use for one at this time. But there could come a day when things in America become so dangerous that for me and my family I will want to buy one.

The FBI was notified about Nicolas Cruz and nothing was done about it. So many flags were apparent and so 17 precious schoolchildren were murdered because of pure neglect. This proves that we don't have a gun problem,, we have a neglect problem. The FBI needs to have a complete overhaul from the top down, with certain dismissals.

You can pass laws against the Second Amendment and they will fall short of protecting our citizens and schoolchildren. Killers and perpetrators will still find a way to kill. We must build fences, put metal detectors around our schools and most certainly have armed guardians.

Trenton Spears, Bakersfield