It seems the accomplishments of the Biden administration's first nine months have been grossly underreported in the press. Not much is said about a 30 percent increase in the murder rate due to his policies allowing felons early release and defunding police.

I don't exactly know what his immigration policy is, but I do know there is a mess at the border and illegal immigrants are streaming in unchecked for disease and drug activity.

He bungled the Afghanistan withdrawal by not protecting soldiers, citizens, friendlies and equipment, then authored a drone strike harming innocents and children.

He doesn't even have much support for his infrastructure bill in his own party because it is so expensive and pork-laden that Congress is having trouble passing a budget, which may cause a government shutdown.

Other than that when he took office eggs were $1 a dozen and are now $3 and I could fill up my gas tank for $50 and it now costs $100. Good job, Joe.

— Steve Ledbetter, Bakersfield