President Trump tweeted Saturday that he knew Michael Flynn lied to the FBI when he fired him as national security adviser in February, a month after assuming office. However, General Flynn was for months Trump's closest and most constant advisor. It was Flynn who led the raucous chant at the GOP convention in the summer of 2016: "Lock her up!'' And who can forget that after Trump fired Flynn, Trump asked the FBI to drop the investigation into Flynn's activities. These are indisputable facts.

I ask what better example can be found of Trump abusing his position to obstruct justice and protect Flynn by failing to disclose to the proper authorities his criminal activity?

Trump's tweet inadvertently ran amuck and instead of distancing himself from Flynn as a single bad apple, he spotlighted Flynn as a liar, and guilty of the charge he pled guilty to. Trump oversold his position by saying too much, stabbing himself in his own back.

Presidents have a special duty to America to be honest and report criminal activity. This he did not do. What will happen next is largely dependent upon public opinion. Will a man who can ignore his oath of office be acceptable to lead our nation?

Wade Eagleton, Bakersfield