Because of his large ego and abrasive manor, it's become very clear that the media is no ally of President Trump. Due to the thus far fruitless "Russian Investigation," the accomplishments of his first year in office are often buried in very small print.

Here are a few of them off the top of my head: 1) Has tried his best to keep manufacturing jobs here; 2) Made mutually beneficial trade agreements with several countries; 3) Cut regulations so business can operate more efficiently; 4) Stock market is booming; 5) Gross Domestic Product increased; 6) Federal Reserve has raised rates due to a strong economy; 7) Placed a hiring freeze on federal employees; 8) Cut White House staff by 100; 9) Enabled the Keystone Pipeline; 10) Re-established a good relationship with Israel; 11) Increased the strength of the military; 12) Building up infrastructure; 13) Modernize air traffic control systems; 14) Donated salary to the Department of Education, the National Parks and to fight opioid abuse; 15) Donated $1 million to hurricane victims (his critics in Congress have yet to give $1).

Then there is the new tax bill. News reports warn that this plan benefits only the rich (small business and corporations - those dastardly job producing and taxpaying entities), when according to NBC, 8 of 10 Americans will benefit. Where was the hate in 1963 when JFK proposed similar tax cuts, which posthumously resulted in the "rich" contributing twice the tax dollars. This was followed by an unprecedented period of 6 percent growth.

Yes, President Trump has pulled back from NATO and previous environmental agreements, not because he is against them but because they were poorly negotiated and of course, we foot most of the bill.

My conclusion is that "draining the swamp" will not take place as long as congressmen from both parties are beholden to their campaign donators.

Steve Ledbetter