Donald Trump, by his use of degrading racist language this past year, not only fouls the office of the presidency but diminishes the White House itself in the eyes of the rest of the world.

In a recent issue of the New York Times, writers Charles Blow and David Leonhardt both lay out the impact of Trump's racism and the history of it going back 50 years.

I am especially ashamed of our representative, Kevin McCarthy, who succeeded Bill Thomas in the House of Representatives and has risen to second in command in the House behind Paul Ryan. He not only is our face and voice in Congress, but because of his position there represents the rest of the nation. He places himself directly behind Trump in photos, smiling and nodding. He spent a recent weekend tagging along at Mar-A-Lago playing golf.

To those who excuse it in terms of political rhetoric, I have only this to say: I would rather be on the side of the angels, than anywhere else. 

— Elizabeth Keranen, Bakersfield