This letter is about how people change their spots when it is about protecting their faults, failures and wrongdoings. There is just so much going on in D.C., it’s hard to see what is real and what is fake, which is the real intent in the recent declarations make by Kevin McCarthy. Specifically, how this time, it is illegal for “private corporations” to comply with subpoenas issued for phone records by Congress. But when Republicans controlled and investigated Benghazi for nearly three years, it was legal to seek information from many sources, including private-sourced phone records.

McCarthy insisted he would “shut down” any corporation that cooperated with the investigation into the Jan. 6. Capitol attack, a sentiment echoed by House member Marjorie Taylor Greene. Somehow, I must have confused the ideals of political parties, as I would have bet the farm Republicans stood firmly in favor of private enterprise, believing government already issues too many statutes and regulations.

But here we have outspoken Republicans threatening “private industry” with closure without mentioning what crime is committed or even what statute was violated. Who would guess, Republicans wouldn’t want the facts to emerge on just who planned and contributed support to the Jan. 6 Capitol attack?

— Wade Eagleton, Bakersfield