I don't always agree with what Dr. McDill says, but he is correct in his article about the "three laws" regarding prisons and prison population, that published in the Californian on Dec. 5. AB 109, Prop. 47, and Prop. 57 changed many felonies to misdemeanors and resulted in a "slap on the back of the hand" to criminals rather than sentencing them to prison to keep them from committing more crimes. These liberals, particularly those in Sacramento, don't seem to understand what criminals are really like. Most of them didn't finish high school and probably didn't learn much while they were there. Their ability to understand and evaluate their associates and behavior is next to nil. 

Look at the arrests made recently by all local law enforcement. Probably 99 percent of those individuals have prior arrest and prison records. If these present laws had not been approved by the voters and the state Legislature, most of those people probably would have been in prison rather than being out on the street causing havoc for the rest of us. One male allegedly even shot at law enforcement from inside a house while there were dozens of police outside. Stupid!

Dr. McDill indicated that more than 400 city and county administrators have signed petitions about the rising crime issues. Chief (Lyle) Martin should point out the loss of two young children in our city because of these criminals as well.

What will it take for the state Legislature and Gov. Brown to get the message that these laws are not effective, that there must be consequences of a serious nature for serious crimes. Hopefully , it won't take much longer for them stop being concerned about the new rail system and do what needs to be done to protect the citizens of the state of California.

Betsy Gosling