The true definition of climate change: Hot in the summer, cold in the winter. Then again, Bakersfield is really hot a lot of the time.

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that three countries produce the greatest amount of greenhouse gases: Russia, China and India. These countries are not willing to change their energy practices. The outcome will not change.

I support solar, electric and fossil fuel energy. If the U.S. stops producing gas and oil energy, it will destroy the local economy, and the national economy. What do people think trains and airplanes run on? I find it amusing that 9-year-old girls are becoming celebrities crying about global warming. We are still killing ourselves with alcohol, drugs and cigarettes; the planet will outlive us all.

Life is a dangerous game, which you start losing at birth. Just relax and enjoy the ride. Politicians and scientists simply enjoy hearing their own voice and celebrating their brilliance. I recommend they pray for rain; that's a much bigger issue than temperature.

— David DePaola, Bakersfield