The United States of America was founded on the basis of individual freedoms. It is unlike any other country in the world in this respect. The three modern things that best represent the freedoms we enjoy are guns, gold (money), and gasoline.

We the People expect our government to protect these freedoms, and our representatives that we elect take oaths to do exactly that. But is that really happening? Sadly, the answer is no. Matter of fact, current governments are working daily to take away all of these freedoms. We already have over 35,000 gun control laws, many of which are ignored or go unenforced. But this does not satisfy governments at the state and federal levels. They are proposing more and more gun control laws daily, many while claiming they support the Second Amendment.

Governments are also taking away our money through higher taxes and promoting policies that create high rates of inflation that devalue our currency.

Lastly, radical climate extremists in governments are instituting policies to get rid of all fossil fuels including gasoline. Put simply, no guns and no gold and no gasoline mean no freedom, and no freedom means no more America. How much longer, I wonder, will freedom-loving Americans tolerate this?

— Wilbur W. Wells, Tehachapi