Your recent article on our extreme drought and the impact of our major reservoirs was terrifying. How foolish we have been to experiment with our home, the one planet known to support life!

We were warned. Recently, climate scientist Peter Kalmus put it this way: Each summer (including this one) will be the coolest compared to future summers.

We must show the kind of love of parents for their children.

In a recent analysis by Resources for the Future, they conclude an "all in" response is required.. This includes the Clean Energy Standards and a carbon price. Even so, we would fall 10 percent short of our goal of 50 percent cuts by 2050.

But it’s a start. Let experts in energy economics and science be like the cartographers of old, mapping the best course forward. And let their "maps" be what navigators, our leaders in Congress, follow to their destination, a livable planet.

— Jan Freed, Bakersfield

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