In response to the comment about the Robert E. Lee statue removal, let’s be reminded of facts and not call it “woke culture.” It wasn't "misplaced loyalty" to Virginia or the South that led Lee down that path. Lee was a slaveholder who misused the Bible and twisted Christianity to justify the subjugation of other human beings. He did this until the day he died. Was he brave, intelligent, a good leader of men? Perhaps, but even that is questionable by many historians. But he fought that war because he believed in the "rightness" of slavery.

Lee was also barbaric. He paid a professional slave beater to teach proper subservience to the slaves on the Arlington Plantation two years after they'd been order freed by Lee's father-in-law's will.

Lee's army also kidnapped and carried back African-Americans to the South in his two offenses. That is undeniably documented. Those people weren't even human beings to Lee's army but farm equipment.

On their best day in peace they tortured, maimed, raped, murdered and sold children away to enforce slavery on the unwilling. Their statutes contained schedules of tortures, maiming’s and murders legally due to African-Americans if they dared exercise freedoms.

He is deified because he fought for white racial superiority and Jim Crow needed a heritage aside from the brutal venality of slavery. We don't need to keep pretending he was what he wasn't.

— Michael Hunt, Bakersfield