I was disgusted but not surprised considering the childish woke mentality that led to the removal and destruction of the Robert E. Lee memorial statue. The statue did nothing to encourage racism or glorify slavery, but did give remembrance to a true hero and a great man.

Lee was the highest rated graduate of West Point of all time and a superb officer in the Union Army prior to the outbreak of the war. But like all Americans at the time, he identified with his home state above that of the United States. In spite of his objection to the war, Lee honorably chose to defend his home state of Virginia. His decision had nothing to do with slavery. He knew that a Southern victory was unlikely, but he made his choice based on what is now a vanishing commodity: patriotism.

But don't point that out to Ana Edwards, the no doubt highly paid mouthpiece of the group that insisted on the desecration of the statue. Look for her to move on to the even more profitable life of crime in politics.

— Steve Clark, Bakersfield