I look out my door each morning full expecting to see a scene right out of "The Walking Dead!" According to your readers, the world is coming to an end. Same old lines. DJT ONLY cared about America.He didn’t take a salary (yet spent over $80 million at his resorts), visited every day with the press (and called them names and degraded them), expressed personal views (and attacked anyone who disagreed with him like a sixth-grader), and he lost money while POTUS (oh really, and how did anyone determine that?).

The law and order ex-POTUS refuses to comply with subpoenas and instructs others to do the same. Remember Hillary Clinton testified before Congress as did Bill Clinton while a sitting president. Now Kevin says he won’t cooperate. Regarding Jan. 6:

It was a peaceful stroll in the park. They were let in by the police. It was antifa and BLM. The Donald is not at fault. But, but, but Portland and Seattle...

Hundreds have pleaded guilty and going to jail. Hundreds will forever have a conviction on their record and have said they were duped. No one from antifa or BLM convicted.

Did Don the Con pay their legal fees? Nope. He's filing lawsuits to hide his culpability and golfing. He had a sweet holiday season while these poor people continue to suffer.

His lasting legacy? The greatest con-man to ever hold the office of the presidency!! Last thing, please send the so-called billionaire money to fight election fraud.

— Michael Hunt, Bakersfield