As a lifelong Republican, it absolutely baffles, and disgusts me, to see the current selective memories and lies of our Republican leaders. Fearing the corruption of a Hillary Clinton presidency, I voted for the proverbial “lesser of two evils,” namely Donald Trump. I can now easily see that was a wasted vote. (I did not make that mistake a second time.) While I have never voted for McCarthy, Jordan, Paul, or others, I remain totally befuddled by the lies, distortions, and selective memories that these elected officials routinely display!

Kevin McCarthy somehow forgets that he chastised Trump following the Jan. 6 riots; he then went to Mar-A-Lago and kissed the ring. He conveniently forgets that about seven months ago, he emphatically stated that he would cooperate with investigations into the events of that day; now, perhaps due to senility, wanting to be Speaker, (or Trump) he states he will not comply! Has he totally lost his mind, been bought off by Trump money, or what?

America deserves so much better than these two-faced clowns! Bakersfield, you deserve better, and need to take a hard look at who you are sending to Washington! Only you can stop this charade from its ongoing perpetuation. Do better, vote him out at your next opportunity. A lot of us could feel good about being Republican again!

— Richard Smith, Arcadia