In a recent editorial, The Californian made an important call to action: Conserve water as much as possible to mitigate the megadrought’s impact on our state. From government to utilities to individuals, we all have a role to play.

At California Water Service, we have taken steps to prepare for drought conditions and climate change for many years, and we are committed to helping our customers conserve water every day. Through various programs, including free conservation kits, new outdoor rebates, other rebates we’ve doubled, and more, we can help our customers reduce daily water use. One of our newest offerings is a Smart Landscape Tune-up Program, which includes installation of approved water-efficient devices for customers at no cost, allowing them to save more money and water.

We partner with government leaders, including the city of Bakersfield, to ensure residents have clear information and resources on the drought, and know what actions they can take to reduce their use. It’s important that we work together to conserve and ensure Californians have access to the water they need as the drought intensifies. Every drop counts, and even small changes can lead to big savings.

It’s up to all of us to do our part to save water every day.

— Tammy Johnson, Cal Water Bakersfield district manager