Now that historically literate readers of The Californian have pointed out there were roughly seven slaves in ancient Sparta for every free person, may I suggest a reboot? Why not revert to being the South High School Rebels?

Simply change the mascot from Civil War rebels to James Dean, Sal Mineo and Natalie Wood lookalikes. "Rebels Without a Cause" has been credited as the first modern day movie that treated urban high school teens as young adults with interior lives rather than as caricatures. It is about intergenerational alienation. Has there ever been a generation whose parents and grandparents have left them in greater limbo? Or is intergenerational alienation timeless?

Either way, James Dean-Natalie Wood-Sal Mineo dress-alike days and tooling around the football field at half time in a restored 1955 Porsche Spyder would be great fun. Some may object, given the film’s and all three of its lead actors’ tragic, violent end. What about Sparta though? What about the Civil War? How do we select school mascots anyway?

— Mark Evans, Bakersfield