The time has come for all conservative voters to take a good hard look at what has transpired since 2016. I have been a Republican since 1979. I am very comfortable saying that Joe Biden won the election of 2020; a more accurate statement would be President Donald Trump lost the election of 2020.

Trump's own ego and inability to use basic common sense cost him a very winnable election. Ultimately, Trump demonstrated a costly lack of judgment by not stopping the Jan. 6 attack on Congress. The criminals and idiots who chose to vandalize and threaten Congress do not represent mainstream Republicans.

Just as Barry Goldwater learned the hard way that "extremism in the defense of liberty, is not a vice," these fools led to the loss of life and set back conservatism a great deal. Trump only won in 2016 because the Democrats put forth the most despised woman in America as their candidate. Trump did as Nixon did in 1972, after receiving an electoral victory to redirect the country out of a foreign war and from a fiscal calamity, they allowed their own personal indiscretions and paranoia to destroy the great opportunity the American people gave them.

Both Nixon and Trump fired their appointments on a daily basis and made troublesome decisions politically. Republicans should look forward for their next standard bearer and avoid the Hollywood stupidity of giving the power of the presidency to an ego-driven businessman with no common sense.

— David DePaola, Bakersfield