City planners can't pass up all that easy money from those federal and state grants, can they? These feel-good bike and pedestrian projects won't help us travel on our dilapidated roads one iota.

Grants are now written by environmentally friendly climate change dudes who frown on emissions from cars and trucks, yet these same dudes will use their cars to do their shopping, drive to work, and commute like we do.

When city leaders in Tehachapi and the Kern Council of Governments in Bakersfield take these environmentally friendly grants, they endorse bike and pedestrian projects. These leaders even have the audacity to try and convince us that we actually need these projects by dazzling us with bogus statistics.

Climate change enthusiasts would like nothing more than to shove us out of our cars, believing they are actually making some measurable dent in their so-called carbon footprint.

Meanwhile, expect our roads to get worse when highway funds are being diverted to build bike and pedestrian walkways. You can thank Gov. Jerry Brown and all his climate change buddies for turning our roads into rubble.

— Dennis Tope, Tehachapi