If you think our American environment/eociety is being overwhelmed, it is and that is the plan. This behavior is being implemented by our current government’s willingness to allow open borders, free money, free health care, free housing and free food for all newcomers.

This is bad enough, but when you add our government's overreaction to current viruses, more free money for staying home, and extreme overregulation it makes George Orwell’s "1984" look like pleasure reading. Nancy Pelosi is quietly introducing a bill called “Take Responsibility for Family and Workers Act,” which eliminates your responsibility and hands it to the government.

When a society is overwhelmed, it must be done on all fronts at the same time. So, in addition, we can add the elimination of paper currency to the mix, which will be replaced with digital currency. China, India and several European countries are already doing this. In America, digital currency is now being used in banks, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Taco Bell and others.

We can now add our government acceptance of world government and the ever-menacing environmental problems that only occur in America. Racism must be added along with the existence of white supremacy…if placed on a list of 100 evils in America, white supremacy would not even make the list. But the media loves it and pushes it daily as if it was our biggest American problem.

Have you noticed some Americans are staying home, accepting government money, and not returning to work? I believe this is our first real push to Socialism as our society is being overwhelmed.

— William Davis, Bakersfield