No, Kern County Agricultural Commissioner Glenn Fankhauser has not proposed door hanger notifications for homes near "planned chemical applications in and around Shafter" ("Activists pushing for pesticide notifications rally outside Kern ag commissioner's office," May 27). He has proposed door hangers for just one single pesticide, 1.3-dichloropropene (1,3-D), out of more than 100 pesticides sprayed within the 7-mile radius of Shafter. On average there are just 31 applications of 1,3-D, out of almost 30,000 pesticide applications each year.

Shafter residents live in a toxic cloud of some of the worst agricultural chemicals still in use in California, many banned in other parts of the world. For example, there are more than 1,000 applications of paraquat around Shafter, which carries a "one sip can kill" warning label and is banned in 48 countries. We the residents of Shafter have the right to know what is planned for use in the air we breathe. Fankhauser was ordered by the state to provide this information to us but he refuses to do so. He is not doing his job and the Kern County Board of Supervisors must fire him.

— Maria Anabel Marquez, Shafter