Discipline in schools is punishment given out to correct a student or enforce obedience to school rules. Gerald Cantu of the Dolores Huerta Foundation wrote in a May 7 Community Voices article ("PBIS, and time, are still solutions for KHSD") that Positive Behavioral Intervention is a discipline program.

This sugar coated program isn't even close to being a discipline program. It's nothing more than a counseling effort giving kids advice on social issues. Your whole public education system is being watered down without the type of obedience necessary to make kids follow basic school rules.

When I taught at West High in Torrance back in the 1960s, every student stood for the National Anthem when the song came over the school's P.A. system; and every morning, all 2,300 students stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance. I doubt if there is one school district in Kern County that does anything like this every morning.

When schools took God out of the curriculum the whole education system began to unravel, and look at our schools now. California schools are at the bottom of the barrel nationwide. Lots of our secondary schools now are nothing more then social gathering places for kids to text one another until they turn 18 and are considered adults.

Dennis Tope, Tehachapi