A couple of weeks ago, Rep. Kevin McCarthy sent constituents an email titled “21 photos from 2021.” McCarthy says the photos “tell the story of 2021.”

His accomplishments include posed pictures with baseball teams, children, factory workers, veterans, anti-Castro protesters, and Capitol police. The last two are especially rich given McCarthy’s fealty to America’s greatest wannabe autocrat, and his active blocking of the Jan. 6 investigation.

McCarthy ends his letter paying homage to Sen. Bob Dole. Given Dole’s unwavering service and integrity and McCarthy’s devotion to his current liege, the irony is thick.

Other pictures could have been shared, but weren’t:

• His desperate call on Jan. 6 imploring Trump to “call them off,” and his floor speech on Jan. 13, emphatic that Trump “bears responsibility;”

• His pilgrimage to Mar-a-Lago three weeks later to kiss Trump’s ring;

• His rewriting the insurrection story ever since.

I hoped for a picture of McCarthy voting for the American Rescue Plan, which provided economic assistance and free vaccines for COVID relief. Did McCarthy think the suffering ended in 2020?

We also missed McCarthy voting for the bipartisan infrastructure act, despite Republican colleagues, like Leader McConnell, doing so. McCarthy would rather deny President Biden than provide needed water projects, electrical grid protection, and accessible broadband to his constituents.

The two biggest stories of the year — COVID and the Capitol insurrection — are nowhere in McCarthy’s “story of 2021.”

His 21 photos show us what McCarthy will pose for; we’re still waiting to see what he stands for.

— Steve Bacon, Bakersfield