In the popular Broadway play "Damn Yankees," a spirited older Yankee fan approximately the same age of Kevin McCarthy made a pact with the devil. The deal made with the devil was he would forgo his integrity, pledging to do the work of the devil in exchange for a return to his youth (temporarily) to play for and lead the Yankees to a wining season. A season, Yankee fans could could brag about, and a winning season eventfully resulting in a game with the pennant on the line.

Our own McCarthy made the same devilish deal, not with the devil, but radical rebels which were hold-out House members trying to deny McCarthy the speakership. A unified caucus of Pro-Trump zealots believing in election lies and supporting Jan. 6 rioters. Individuals inherently disappointed with democracy. Individuals which would prefer abandoning the ballot box, and worked for disenfranchising voters preferring an authoritarian government led by Trump.

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