Donald Trump is far too flawed for deification. Most of us who voted for him did not like his personal foibles. We voted for him because of his love for this country and his promise to remedy its ills.

Unlike most politicians before him, he did what he promised he would do. For decades, the Republicans made promises they never kept — promises like putting America first, ending wars and not starting new ones, stopping illegal immigration, keeping jobs and manufacturing here and a cessation of laws and regulations that infringe upon personal rights and freedoms.

Mr. Trump was probably the only politician to gain office and lose money. Most politicians go to Washington owing money or broke and leave multimillionaires: Obama, Clinton, Biden, Boehner, Ryan, Reid, etc. are prime examples of this. We need term limits, an end to lobbying and ethics laws on politicians and bureaucrats that are enforced. We need to see the powerful who break the law get punished like the common man. What’s going on with the investigation into President Joe Biden, his son and his family? Now that Biden is in charge … nothing. You can bet Trump and his supporters are getting microscopic scrutiny from federal law enforcement now that the Democrats are in charge.

Progressives, globalists, socialists, Democrats cannot stop thinking about Trump. What they and Brik McDill fail to realize is he said what most Americans think, and did not play by the tired old rules that neo-cons and RINOs use. It doesn’t matter if he runs for president again. Thanks to the internet, the truth is out there for everyone to discover — we need not rely on the “mainstream media” — they’ve already proven their bias. If Trump doesn’t run, someone like him will and, by 2024, the Democrats’ failures will be their undoing.

In conclusion, how would psychologist Dr. McDill assess Biden’s cognition and ability to make the right decisions. He has yet to write about that.

— Roger Davis, Bakersfield