As Donald Trump’s royal reign begins to crumble from within, the GOP, once the party of family values and toughness on crime, has circled their shameless carcasses around the Boy King to ensure that their extremely unpopular tax bill remains safe. Trump loves the bill as it gives him a $20 million tax cut and his family a $1 billion windfall while cutting important nationwide programs, individual withholdings and moves more wealth from the middle class to the rich.

One Republican Senator quipped that wealthier folks who invest their money deserve the cuts because average Americans “blow their money on booze and women.” Really? Let them eat cake, I guess.

At the same time, Trump has endorsed Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore, an accused child molester, because “he said he didn’t do it.” Sound familiar? Do any of them have an iota of conscience or morals? One wonders.

As Trump falls he lashes out and attempts to destroy the credibility of anyone or any agency that disagrees with him. Is this the reaction of an innocent man? I think not.

Trump once made an amazingly true statement, believe it or not. He stated he could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone and nothing would happen to him. I’m sure this sorry batch of Republican Senators would vote overwhelmingly for his acquittal.

Steve Bass, Bakersfield