All drug users and abusers seek the same outcome — pleasurable sensations without high addiction potential and sickness. The reason drugs don't provide this is that current offerings flourish in an anticompetitive marketplace. Legalization would force drugs to compete and achieve what consumers seek.

Drugs like heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and eventually alcohol would be phased out of circulation because better ones offering consumers more appealing choices would replace them. Research, development and technology would succeed like occurs in every other competitive venue — better choices, given time.

Crimes related to obtaining expensive drugs would lessen. A competitive environment would plummet prices for safer drugs. Supply and demand. Crimes for DUIs would continue to be prosecuted and inevitably lessen with safer drugs. Prison populations would plummet. Rehabilitation would improve with unimpeded access to public health directives rather than criminal ones.

Unscrupulous manufacturers and dealers would be phased out in a competitive drug market as happened following Prohibition.

Competition works and would here also.

— Brian Spellman, Bakersfield