In Friday’s edition of The Californian, there appeared a short news article about the apprehension and arrest of two suspects for the burglary of cars, catalytic converters, and operating a “chop shop” here in Bakersfield. Of special interest is that the article informed us that this was the third arrest for one of the suspects and the fourth for the other in just that last three to four months for other similar crimes. “Why weren’t they in jail for their past crimes?” one might ask. Good question.

But we Californians can rest easy knowing that our illustrious leaders are on the case. Turning the page of the same paper we find a story by The Associated Press on our state’s chief crime fighter, Attorney General Rob Bonta. What is our top law enforcement officer working on? The article’s title says it all: “Think those bags are recyclable? Think again.” Yep, he’s spending our taxpayer dollars going after those nasty plastic bag manufacturers for not making the bags recyclable enough. The article also noted he’s investigating the petroleum industry for their sins with plastic production. He’s not fighting crime. He’s fighting for the green agenda while citizens are left to fend for themselves.