When I was 10, taxes went as high as 90 percent! The percentage of taxes are lower in America than they have ever been. Even before the latest tax cut. Of course we are making more now than we were in the '50s and '60s. So we pay more in taxes.

If it wasn't for taxes, we would have toll roads — a toll is a tax.

Do you do realize that when a company charges for a product, you are paying a tax/toll to that company.

Farmers charge a tax/toll on their product. In California, there is no tax on food.

During disasters, our government prohibits, then fines unfair charges on products, the regulators search for those who take advantage of people in distress. Yet we chastise government regulators but put honor on the likes of Billy the Kid, Frank and Jesse James by calling them "Regulators."

We praise Texas for no state income tax. But never search to find the truth. Taxes are a fee for roads, regulation, policing, etc.

With a little research, you could find out that Texas property taxes are more than two percent, double what we pay in California. So if you never want to be a property owner Texas is the place to be.

Gary Kozy