The in-person voting process flawed. They didn’t know what to do with my mail-in ballot that I brought with me; the man said I could keep it or he could shred it for me. I gave it to him to shred it; they looked at my name on the mail-in ballot and had me sign my name on the iPad-type device with my finger. My signature on the iPad wasn’t real good. I did get an in-person ballot and completed it and got it to the ballot box so my vote was counted.

They used to find our names in a binder listing registered voters in alphabetical order with address, party affiliation and name and we signed on that line. It was our full legal signature, identifiable to each voter. Now they have no legible signature taken at the polling place tied to each voter. A finger signature on an iPad is useless. There was no accounting for my mail-in ballot that I saw. We used to have a good voting process. What happened?

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