The new COVID variant is obviously much more contagious than the previous strain. Even fully vaccinated people are becoming infected, although their symptoms, in most cases, are slight or nonexistent, usually requiring minimal treatment or isolation.

For those who’ve wrapped themselves in the Stars and Stripes and conservative media, and are still refusing to be vaccinated because it violates their “freedom,” it can still be dangerous or fatal as it continues to play havoc with activities throughout the world, and COVID-19 is once again filling hospitals wards.

It’s frightening to see the number of people around town who still believe it’s fine to flaunt and ignore proper COVID precautions, such as simply wearing a mask. Those of us who do wear masks in consideration of others, and for our own safety, try to avoid these people whenever possible.

According to doctors, as long as there are unvaccinated people susceptible to infection in a population, COVID will survive and continue to mutate. It’s OK to wrap yourself in the flag and conservative media, but get vaccinated for yours and all of our protection.