The Republicans tax bill has me worried. What do I need to do before the end of 2017 to reduce my tax burden in 2018. I’ve already accepted the fact that the deficit is going to increase by over a trillion dollars. Reagan defeated the USSR by bankrupting it with military spending and now Putin’s puppet is doing the same to us with budget deficits.

How do I reduce my exposure? I could prepay property taxes but that would only help me one year. I should just become an LLC. Then my tax break would be permanent. The alternative minimum tax wouldn’t apply to me. Three-martini lunches and tickets to concerts and sporting events would be tax deductible. Let the poor college students pay the taxes and why help people with medical bills? If you can’t afford to buy a congressman (Kevin, I’m talking about you) you should have to pay more. Corporations already pay less than 9 percent of the federal taxes now. If we do it right we can make the poor saps pay us to be in business. Making America Great Again. One sweat shop at a time.

David Thomas