Ralph McKnight Jr.'s recent letter ("Refusing a vaccine is baffling," Sept. 12) decrying "antivaxers" and drawing analogies to driving and voting "rights" was exceptionally thoughtful. From my viewpoint, I would like to add a few more considerations regarding this phenomenon.

First, adult Americans are used to being told they can do whatever they want with their bodies even (as McKnight acknowledges) if it may endanger or kill themselves or others (a la abortion.) Is this poetic payback to the liberals?

Second, who (in their right mind) trusts our government anymore? Have you noticed that everywhere leftists are empowered, controls are increased? This, in spite of the plight of millions who have suffered, and even died (read: children in undeveloped countries) due to the economic and social consequences.

And finally — masks! How many of the public have been "safe" because of masking? (Answer: none.) How many have suffered or died in spite of ineffective government mandates? (Answer: all.) Is wearing a mask actually good for your health, especially if you're already infectious? (Answer: No, and possibly a huge cause of worsened illness.)

So, Americans, please get vaccinated; for yourself and others. This is NOT new, questionable, or evil. Pretty sure it's going to be required one way or another, anyway!

— G. A. Merrill, Bakersfield