To my Republican friends. I know you are disappointed by the results of the last presidential election, but it’s time to take a clear, hard, look at history and realize you have nothing to complain about.

Six of the last 10 presidents were Republican. Republicans have held the presidency 32 of the last 52 years. Republicans have won the presidency twice in that time despite loosing the popular vote.

Republican George W. Bush was elected president after an unprecedented U.S. Supreme Court decision stopping the Florida vote count/audit even though the Florida Supreme Court had ordered it. The Florida officials who were insisting on certifying Bush’s win before all the ballots were counted were hardly impartial or nonpartisan; they included Bush’s brother, the governor, and Bush’s Florida campaign chairman, the Secretary of State.

In several presidential elections, Republican-controlled state and local governments have suppressed the Democratic vote by closing or moving polling places or supplying insufficient ballots to heavily Democratic precincts.

Not one shred of evidence to support the the claims of widespread voter fraud or a “stolen” election has been presented despite more than 50 court cases and several recounts and audits by Republican officials. Multiple Trump appointed officials, including the U.S. Attorney General, the Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, and several Trump-appointed federal judges have contradicted Trump’s lies about the election. While a few isolated cases of fraudulent or illegal voting have been discovered, most were Trump supporters.

Trump lost, get over it.

— Ralph McKnight Jr., Bakersfield