All we hear are complaints about all the restrictions that have been imposed on us for the last two years.

At first there were no life-saving vaccines to help with masking up, social distancing and outdoor activities to keep us safe.

Now we have vaccines that are truly life-saving, although large segments of our population remain unvaccinated by choice. Therefore, we will continue trying to outsmart the COVID variants with continued restrictions on our daily lives.

It’s time we “cowboy up” and realize we are in this for the long-haul; so let’s make the best of 2022 and thereafter!

Let’s not play the “blame game." We need to develop a positive attitude and kick Mr. COVID out of our way!

Instead of commiserating about what we can’t do; we need to be creative to find activities that we CAN do!

If not now-when?

— Phil Rudnick, Bakersfield