First let me state that I have had both Moderna vaccinations to protect me from COVID-19. While I do understand some people not wanting to take the vaccinations, their reasoning is puzzling to me. I have heard that the scientists did not test it long enough, they are afraid of the side affects, etc. I believe in the scientific evidence and will take the boosters when they are available.

Over the years, many viruses have been defeated by vaccines developed by the scientific community.

In 1955 the first doses of the polio vaccine were given to the public. It had only been tested on humans for one year. The United States has been polio-free since 1979.

In 1798 (yes that is 1798) Edward Jenner used cowpox virus to vaccinate against smallpox. In the 1950s, a better vaccine was developed and was given to people in a vaccination campaign between 1958 and 1977.

A measles vaccine was developed in 1963, a mumps vaccine in 1964 and a rubella vaccine in 1969. These are now combined and given to nearly everyone in one dose.

In my opinion, doubting the scientists is foolish. Too many people are dying from COVID-19 when there is protection available (and it is free). While my letter will probably not change any minds, I do hope it will be food for thought on the subject.

— Karene R. Williams, Lake Isabella